Conference: La remunerazione degli amministratori di società quotate. Il nuovo art. 7 del Codice di Autodisciplina

Conference organised by Optime – Formazione, Studi e Ricerche

17 June 2010 Hotel Carlton Baglioni, Milano

The conference held presentations and discussions concerning the remuneration of executives and top management of Italian listed companies in view of the new Article of the Italian Corporate Governance Code.

Conference programme: La remunerazione degli amministratori di società quotate

Maria Cristina Ungureanu gave a presentation on the financial crisis and executive compensation reforms in the international banking sector.

MCUngureanu_Presentazione_Optime (IT)


Forum Corporate Governance

Forum Corporate Governance organized by Business International

31 March 2010 Grand Visconti Palace, Milano

The Conference, Chaired by Maria Cristina Ungureanu (University of Genoa) analysed the latest financial issues (subprime motgages, junk bonds, corporate scandals), which have raised debates on the efficiency of the Corporate Governance systems and their presumed role as antidote against faults in financial markets, managers’ unjust behaviours and inefficiencies of risk management systems and internal controls. Experts discussed the perspectives for the Italian corporate governance, new structures for executive remuneration, internal control systems and governance models.

Conference programme: Forum Corporate Governance

Maria Cristina Ungureanu also gave a speech about international reforms in Corporate Governance following the financial crisis.

Presentation: MCUngureanu_Forum CG


Academy of European Law (ERA): Annual Conference EU Company Law

Conference organised by the Academy of European Law at their headquarters in Trier

22-23 March 2010, ERA Congress Centre, Metzer Allee 4, Trier, Germany

Conference’s key topics included:

  • the most recent European Commission initiatives in company law;
  • corporate governance and compliance in the current economic context;
  • a review of the experience with the European Company (SE);
  • the state of play of the European Private Company (SPE) statute;
  • the consequences of the Cartesio ruling (C-210/06) as the latest episode in the Centros-Überseering saga;
  • an overview of the EU company law tools available for a transfer of sea

Maria Cristina Ungureanu presentation: MCUngureanu_Presentation ERA

Programme: Academy of European Law_ TRIER (Germany)


Politiche di remunerazione Governo dei rischi e pratiche commerciale L’impatto nel settore assicurativo

Conference organized by AIDA (Associazione Internazionale di Diritto delle Assicurazione – International Association of Insurance Law) and Fondazione CESIFIN Alberto Predieri

22 January 2010, Palazzo Incontri, Florence

The Conference gathers academics in discussions about regulations in the insurance sector. It is also addressed to the banking and investment industries, for sharing interdisciplinary issues emerged from the new regulation framework following the recent financial crisis. The crisis fed into the debate about the most efficient regulation measures, to ward off future financial instabilities.

Conference programme: Programma Firenze AIDA

Maria Cristina Ungureanu gave a speech on the international regulation framework in the financial sector.

Presentation: Ungureanu_Firenze_It


Government in Corporate Governance (ECGI newsletter)

Government in Corporate Governance

ECGI Newsletter 2009 Winter issue discusses recent articles issued in its working paper series, as well as the Transatlatic Corporate Governance Dialogue held in Washington in September 2009.


“Understanding Directors’ Pay in Europe. A Comparative and Empirical Analysis” – Guido Ferrarini, Niamh Moloney and Maria Cristina Ungureanu

Presentation made by Maria Cristina Ungureanu at the TCGD in Washington


Conference: European Capital Markets Law: Problems and Cases

Conference organized by CRELE (Centre for Research in Law and Economics)

27-28 November 2009, University of Bozen-Bolzano                                    

The aim of the conference was to discuss current topics raised by some recent European cases in the areas of securities law and corporate governance. Cases were analyzed from a law and economics perspective, to outline a common core of relevant legal issues in this field and to investigate the reason for differences emerging at national level.

Conference Program: European Capital Markets Law: Problems and Cases

Maria Cristina Ungureanu presented the results of her recent research on remuneration policies at banks that received government aid, including case studies of UK and Swiss banks.

MCUngureanu_Presentation Bolzano


Transatlantic Corporate Governance Dialogue

Annual Conference organised by the European Corporate Governance Institute, the Brookings Institution and Columbia Law School, with support from the Securities and Exchange Commission and the European Commission

17 September 2009, Securities Exchange Commission, Washington DC   

The New Role of Government in Corporate Governance. For the first time in its history, the US holds major ownership stakes in large companies and is playing an increasingly active role in their governance. The same phenomenon is present in EU member states. In both the US and the EU, there is growing momentum in favour of a much expanded regulatory outlook that extends well beyond the banking sector and into areas of corporate governance, especially executive pay. What should be the government’s role in corporate governance, both in the companies now government-owned, and through regulation in the economy generally?

Conference Program


Maria Cristina Ungureanu gave a speech about the regulatory reforms in corporate governance undergoing in Europe, with an emphasis on the role of governments in reforming compensation in the financial sector.

Presentation: MCUngureanu_Washington

MCUngureanu Presentation _ Video


Presentations at International Conferences

La crisi finanziaria e l’evoluzione del sistema delle remunerazioni nelle società quotate


Conference: La Remunerazione degli Amministratori delle Società Quotate. Il Nuovo Codice di Autodisciplina, Optime Formazione Studi e Ricerche, Milano, Italy, June 2010

Mandatory limits to executive remuneration: A Comparative Analysis


Conference: Annual Conference EU Company Law, Academy of European Law, Trier, Germany, March 2010

Corporate Governance International Reforms


Conference: III Forum Corporate Governance, Business International, Milano, Italy, March 2010

Le Politiche di Remunerazione delle Banche e delle altre Istituzioni Finanziarie nel Panorama Internazionale


Conference: Politiche di Remunerazione, Governo dei Rischi e Prattiche Commerciali. L’Impatto nel Settore Assicurativo, Fondazione CESIFIN Alberto Predieri, Associazione Internazionale di Diritto delle Assicurazioni (AIDA), Florence, Italy, January 2010

Executive Remuneration at State-Aided Banks

Conference: European Capital Markets Law: Problems and Cases, Centre for Research in Law and Economics (CRELE), Free University of Bolzano, Italy, November 2009

Executive Remuneration in Crisis

Conference: European Capital Markets Law: Problems and Cases, Centre for Research in Law and Economics (CRELE), Free University of Bolzano, Italy, November 2009

Reforming Compensation. The Latest Facts from Europe

Conference: The New Role of Government in Corporate Governance, ECGI Transatlantic Corporate Governance Dialogue, Securities Exchange Commission, Washington, United States, September 2009

Corporate Governance in the European Union: The Implications for Financial and Narrative Reporting

Annual Conference International Academy of Business and Economics (IABE), Greece Summer Conference, 5-7 July, 2009, Vol. 9, N. 1, 2009

Evolution of Accounting and Financial Sector Regulation Within the European Union Policy (I)

3rd International Conference Accounting and Management Information Systems (AMIS)  Bucharest, Romania, June 2008

Understanding Directors’ Pay in Europe: A Legal and Empirical Analysis

Workshop on International Executive Remuneration, The Ross Parsons Centre of Commercial, Corporate and Taxation Law, together with Vanderbilt Law School, Møller Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge, England, May 2009

Fixing Directors’ Remuneration in Europe. Governance, Regulation and Disclosure

Roundtable on Directors’ Remuneration, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium, March 2009

Overview on recent developments in executive remuneration disclosure: A European perspective

Workshop: Executive Remuneration Disclosure. Observations and Trends, Executive Remuneration Research Centre, Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School,  Belgium, December 2008

A European Perspective of Executive Compensation

Conference: Executive Compensation and Benefits, European Networking Group (ENG) 7th Annual Senior Executive Summit, Brussels, Belgium, September 2008

Evolution of Accounting and Financial Sector Regulation Within the European Union Policy

12th World Congress of Accounting Historians, Istanbul, Turkey, July, 2008

Importance of Effective Regulation and Supervision for Banks’ Corporate Governance: European Integration Context

Conference: A Review of Comparative Governance Systems. The Role of Financial Institutions in Corporate Governance, Conference Organized by The Wharton Financial Institutions Center, Amsterdam Center for Research in International Finance (CIFRA) and sponsored in part by the Millstein Center for Corporate Governance and Performance (MCCGP) at the Yale School of Management, Erice, Sicily, April 2008

Characteristics of the Corporate Governance of Banks

Conference: Corporate Governance and Capital Markets, Eltville, Centre for Financial Studies (CFS) Frankfurt, Germany, August 2008


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