Politiche di remunerazione Governo dei rischi e pratiche commerciale L’impatto nel settore assicurativo

Conference organized by AIDA (Associazione Internazionale di Diritto delle Assicurazione – International Association of Insurance Law) and Fondazione CESIFIN Alberto Predieri

22 January 2010, Palazzo Incontri, Florence

The Conference gathers academics in discussions about regulations in the insurance sector. It is also addressed to the banking and investment industries, for sharing interdisciplinary issues emerged from the new regulation framework following the recent financial crisis. The crisis fed into the debate about the most efficient regulation measures, to ward off future financial instabilities.

Conference programme: Programma Firenze AIDA

Maria Cristina Ungureanu gave a speech on the international regulation framework in the financial sector.

Presentation: Ungureanu_Firenze_It