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Workshop – European Parliament – Directorate General for Internal Policies

Banks’ Remuneration Rules (CRD III) Are They Implemented and Do They Work in Practice

January 30, 2012, Brussels

In 2010 the European Parliament adopted ‘CRD III’ (i.e. Directive 2010/76/EU amending the Capital Requirements Directives) which included some of the strictest rules in the world regarding bankers’ bonuses. These rules took effect in January 2011. After one year of application, the ECON Committee felt that the time has come to check if these tough new rules on bonuses are properly implemented and have indeed effectively transformed the bonus culture and ended incentives for excessive risk-taking.
This workshop on the Implementation of Banks’ Remuneration Rules (CRD III) seeks to gather information on the state of play of implementation, in particular diverging application and the effects thereof, and will try to gain views as to the efficiency of the new framework for bankers’ bonuses. The views of the European Commission, as well as the current work of the Financial Stability Board (FSB), the European Banking Authority (EBA) and scientific experts in the area are properly taken into account for this evaluation.
Maria Cristina Ungureanu discussed ‘Bankers’ pay in EU banks after CRD III: Application of the rules in the EU and analysis of the effects’. In particular, she addressed the implementation of the CRD III remuneration rules in the European Union with examples from several Member States, showing the development of bonuses before and after implementation, highlighting positive developments and difficulties (of European/cross-border relevance), mentioning the influences of relevant developments in general company law and current work in the area of corporate governance.