Academy of European Law (ERA): Annual Conference EU Company Law

Conference organised by the Academy of European Law at their headquarters in Trier

22-23 March 2010, ERA Congress Centre, Metzer Allee 4, Trier, Germany

Conference’s key topics included:

  • the most recent European Commission initiatives in company law;
  • corporate governance and compliance in the current economic context;
  • a review of the experience with the European Company (SE);
  • the state of play of the European Private Company (SPE) statute;
  • the consequences of the Cartesio ruling (C-210/06) as the latest episode in the Centros-Überseering saga;
  • an overview of the EU company law tools available for a transfer of sea

Maria Cristina Ungureanu presentation: MCUngureanu_Presentation ERA

Programme: Academy of European Law_ TRIER (Germany)