4th edition of the International Risk Management Conference, Amsterdam

The 4th edition of the International Risk Management Conference held in Amsterdam provided a forum for recent advances in risk management, presenting the latest research from the major schools of thought in Corporate Finance, Banking, Financial Mathematics, Financial Accounting and a diversity of new econometric approaches to Risk Management. The event was organized by the Vrije Universiteit School of Finance & Risk Management, Amsterdam (Host institution), together with University of Florence, NYU Stern Salomon Center, Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and the School of Finance of University of Trieste as Permanent Organizers, and Corporate Governance Unit of the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) as Co-organizer. Keynote and invited speakers included Lorenzo Bini Smaghi (ECB Executive board member) , Edward Altman (NYU Stern), Aswath Damodaran (NYU Stern), George Pennacchi (University of Illinois). Parallel and plenary sessions program

In the session on “Corporate Governance and Incentives in Banking”, Dr. Maria Cristina Ungureanu presented the paper Economics, Politics and the International Principles for Sound Compensation Practices. – presentation