Consultation to CONSOB (2011)

Response – Amendments to the Issuers Regulations on the Subject of Transparency of Remuneration – download document from CONSOB consultation page

Consultation to the European Commission (2011)

Response paper – Green Paper on the EU Corporate Governance Framework – download from EC Consultation page

Consultation to the Committee of European Banking Supervisors (CEBS) (2010)

Response CEBS Consultation Paper on Guidelines on Remuneration Policies and Practices – download document

Consultation to the European Parliament (2010)

Response –  European Commission: Green Paper Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions and Remuneration Policies  – download document

Consultation to the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance (2010)

ResponseMinistero dell’Economia e Finanza, Dipartimento del Tesoro: Consultazione sullo schema di decreto legislativo di attuazione delle sezioni II e III della Raccomandazione della Commissione 2004/913/CE del 14 dicembre 2004 e della sezione II, paragrafi 5 e 6 della Raccomandazione della Commissione 2009/385/CE del 30 aprile 2009 – download document


Conference on Executive Remuneration after the Financial Crisis, Copenhagen

At the conference, organized by Copenhagen Business School, academics from leading universities including Cornell, EPFL, Tilburg, University of Chicago and the Wharton School met to present and discuss ongoing research on the topic. The conference ended with a special session targeted practitioners (business leaders, company board members, policy makers, supervisory authorities, advisers etc.). This section focused on the trends in executive compensation in Denmark, Europe and the US including expected changes following the financial crisis. Program

Maria Cristina Ungureanu discussed the paper “Does Institutional Environment matter in Executive Compensation? A multinational Analysis” by A Huettenbrink, M S Rapp and M Wolff.


Coordination Research Project – Corporate Governance

Governing Corporate Europe Post-Crisis. Facts, Context and Reforms”
A Research Project sponsored by Emittenti Titoli S.p.A.

Corporate governance is still at the centre of the policy debate in the wake of the financial crisis. Policy proposals are becoming increasingly pervasive and, sometimes, intrusive; however, they are often based on a conventional wisdom and weak anecdotal evidence. The aim of this European inter-university project is to analyze some pivotal topics in Corporate Governance, analysing both pre- and post-crisis periods from a law & economics perspective. The outcome of this project will be a volume, collecting a number of papers written by some of the European experts in the corporate governance field. The volume will be presented at an international conference in November 2012.


4th edition of the International Risk Management Conference, Amsterdam

The 4th edition of the International Risk Management Conference held in Amsterdam provided a forum for recent advances in risk management, presenting the latest research from the major schools of thought in Corporate Finance, Banking, Financial Mathematics, Financial Accounting and a diversity of new econometric approaches to Risk Management. The event was organized by the Vrije Universiteit School of Finance & Risk Management, Amsterdam (Host institution), together with University of Florence, NYU Stern Salomon Center, Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and the School of Finance of University of Trieste as Permanent Organizers, and Corporate Governance Unit of the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) as Co-organizer. Keynote and invited speakers included Lorenzo Bini Smaghi (ECB Executive board member) , Edward Altman (NYU Stern), Aswath Damodaran (NYU Stern), George Pennacchi (University of Illinois). Parallel and plenary sessions program

In the session on “Corporate Governance and Incentives in Banking”, Dr. Maria Cristina Ungureanu presented the paper Economics, Politics and the International Principles for Sound Compensation Practices. – presentation


ICFR Briefing: “Lost in Implementation: The Rise and Value of the FSB Principles for Sound Compensation Practices at Financial Institutions”

Presentation of the essay awarded the runner-up ICFR-FT Research prize 2010

The essay entitled “Lost in Implementation: The Rise and Value of the FSB Principles for Sound Compensation Practices at Financial Institutions” , written by Prof. Guido Ferrarini and Dr. Maria Cristina Ungureanu was the runner-up to the ICFR-FT Research Prize 2010.

Full details of the event:


ICFR – Financial Times Research Prize (2010)

The essay Lost in Implementation: The Rise and Value of the Principles for Sound Compensation Practices at Financial Institutions written by Prof. Guido Ferrarini and Dr. Maria Cristina Ungureanu was awarded the runner-up International Centre for Financial Regulation – Financial Times Research Prize (2010).

Runner-up Prize essay

ICFR Press Release

Financial Times article


Article in Gazeta Romaneasca

Article in Gazeta Romaneasca

The weekly newspaper interviewed Cristina and wrote an article about her life and international career, in its first December 2010 issue.


Cristina was filmed by PROTV news while visiting Macef – 2010 at the Milano Fiera

Expozitie nebuna la Milano perne ce incalzesc sufletul si cutite Voodoo –


Conference: La remunerazione degli amministratori di società quotate. Il nuovo art. 7 del Codice di Autodisciplina

Conference organised by Optime – Formazione, Studi e Ricerche

17 June 2010 Hotel Carlton Baglioni, Milano

The conference held presentations and discussions concerning the remuneration of executives and top management of Italian listed companies in view of the new Article of the Italian Corporate Governance Code.

Conference programme: La remunerazione degli amministratori di società quotate

Maria Cristina Ungureanu gave a presentation on the financial crisis and executive compensation reforms in the international banking sector.

MCUngureanu_Presentazione_Optime (IT)


Forum Corporate Governance

Forum Corporate Governance organized by Business International

31 March 2010 Grand Visconti Palace, Milano

The Conference, Chaired by Maria Cristina Ungureanu (University of Genoa) analysed the latest financial issues (subprime motgages, junk bonds, corporate scandals), which have raised debates on the efficiency of the Corporate Governance systems and their presumed role as antidote against faults in financial markets, managers’ unjust behaviours and inefficiencies of risk management systems and internal controls. Experts discussed the perspectives for the Italian corporate governance, new structures for executive remuneration, internal control systems and governance models.

Conference programme: Forum Corporate Governance

Maria Cristina Ungureanu also gave a speech about international reforms in Corporate Governance following the financial crisis.

Presentation: MCUngureanu_Forum CG